Treks and excursions

The Park area offers countless and wide-ranging opportunities for those wishing to explore its treasures on foot at any time of year. The historic paths lead to the medieval corners of the towns dotted over the slopes of the Sibylline hills, and pleasant country walks guide you through the mosaic of rural and pastoral life. Getting in touch with untamed nature and the magical world of the peaks, on the other hand, can be achieved through more challenging excursionswhich often require experience, training and suitable equipment. These routes will soon be marked out by the Park but you can, in any case, take advantage of the Park’s experienced official Guides who can show you the most closely guarded secrets of the Sibyllines in the safest possible way.

Another unforgettable experience is offered by the paths of the Great Sibylline Ring, a fully signed 120 km route which allows trekkers to explore the entire mountain chain in nine days.

For further information, please ask at: The Park Offices.


CAUTION the nature trails are under maintenance. Before embarking on the walk we suggest to inquire about track conditions
Because of the earthquake is still in progress, and there are many areas of the Sibillini Mountains interessed, please note that some areas are affected by the closing ordinances of same municipals (situation continuously updated). It is recommended to be very careful and to stay informed..





The official map of the park ( Charter of scale trails 1 : 40.000 ) 2012 edtion report a number of paths categorized as "HISTORICAL". That are not part of the park strategy and whose maintenance and signage is not assured.

In order to preserve the progressive deterioration and eventual loss physical paths and their historical and cultural significance , was signed a agreement with the regional groups of the CAI (Alpine Club) Marche and Umbria for the horizontal mark ( paint flags b / r ) and monitoring of the state of degradation. However, it is worth pointing out that It does not guarantee the practicability and / or the security of the hiker .