Il The Great Sibylline Ring is a walking route of approximately 120 km that covers the entire mountain chain. Divided into nine stages, it is fully signed and shows you not only the diversity of the landscape and its natural beauty spots but also the incredible historical and cultural heritage of the region. In order to maximize your enjoyment of the Great Ring, the Park has refurbished the mountain refuges for walkers. These buildings are already open on the Cupi, Fiastra, Colle, Colle Le Cese and Campi stages of the route, while the other three are still under construction. In any case, you can be sure of finding a place at the traditional shelters dotted along the route or in the immediate vicinity.

CAUTION : The road that connects the ring with the town of Cessapalombo Monastery is currently unusable. Let stay into the main ring



Below you can select nine stages of the route which starts in Visso, where the Park’s headquarters are located, and proceeds in a clockwise direction. Of course, the ring can also be walked in the opposite direction, starting from any point. You could walk a single stage in a day or two stages over a beautiful weekend immersed in nature. The full description of the route can be found in the guide book “Great Sibylline Ring” published by the Park.


Attention, opaque links correspond to paths that are currently closed.