Interested in visiting the Park?
Ask Sibyl!

The legend tells that in Sibyl’s cave, situated on Monte Sibilla (Sibyl’s Mountain ), there lived a "great prophetess who seldom revealed her benevolent secrets”.

Necromancers and knights errant came from all over Europe on exhausting journeys in the hope of a few wise words from Sibyl.

Today, getting information is much easier…

Please consult the menu on the left for assistance and information when planning your stay in the Park.

Here you will find information about where to sleep and eat, as well as details about the different types of hiking and biking routes in the Park, Visitor Center locations, activities, events and much more. It’s good to be aware of the Park rules of conduct, which are important. The Park is a protected area subject to special protection and conservation legislation. Please acquaint yourself with regulations for dogs in the Park and for outdoor recreational activities including camping, picnicking, etc.

If you have special interest questions such as the timing of the flowers around Castelluccio or where to encounter wildlife, etc., the section on F.A.Q. offers some answers.

Since the Visitor Centers are only open during peak seasons, at other times you can contact the Park directly by phone or by email at: Unfortunately, the Park is no longer able to provide for a member of staff specifically dedicated to information services and as such you may have to wait a few days for a reply.

If you need to assess the safety of a location or a route, the amount of snow, the viability of access, etc., please contact the Centro Territoriale di Coordinamento del Corpo Forestale dello Stato.

If you would like a touristic hiking map that is geo-referenced or the GPS resources of the Park, go to the section for a ‘Walk with GPS’.

We hope you make the most of your visit to this unique and spectacular National Park.

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