Castello di Montalto (Fraz.Montalto) All of the Montalto and Cessapalombo territories belonged to the Bendictine Abbey of Casauria even before the year 1000; the fortress developed on top of a earlier Benedictine Court. In 1259, following the abandonment of the territory by the monks, the castle is recorded as belonging to the Paganelli fiefdom, who in the same year ceded it along with Morico to San Ginesio, while official ownership remained with Rinaldo Brunforte. Records of 1264 cite the castle as being under the dominion of Gentile da Varano, who may have added the fortress in that period, while in 1502 the castle was included among the Borgia land holdings. The fortress rises out of the hills, high above the town, with ruins of a square tower and walls. The sturdy cistern with a barrel vaulted ceiling, although now filled, is still visible, as is the rectangular well once used for drawing water from the spring.


Roccaccia di Coldipietra (Fraz. Villa di Montalto) The ruins of an ancient stronghold, perched on a rocky spur at the entrance to the Fiastrone Valley. Records indicate that the site had already been built on before the year 995, as part of the land holdings of the Casauri, where a church of S. Giovanni is also mentioned, and which may have been positioned slightly lower on the spur. After the year 1000 it became a fortress, property of Fildesmido di Mogliano, who then ceded it to the his nephew Rinaldo di Brunforte in 1244 and later on was sold to the town of Camerino. From 1250 on it came under the possession of the Varano, who used it as the last bastion of defence for the territories of the Brunforte di Sarnano. The Castle had its own walls and village, even if not ideally located, as could be concluded from some administrative records from the 15th century. By the 1500s it was probably already abandoned. Today only ruins remain.