Arco dei Finocchioli Testament to the past existence of walls, of which the Finocchioli gate is a remaining remnant, opening onto the panoramic view of the Campiano river and valley of the same name.


Castello di Todiano (Frazione Todiano)The castle was erected in the 13th century after the disintegration of the territorial domain of the Eutiziani monks. Raised on the present day hillock, it saw the passage of the troops of Federico II in 1227, of Carlo d’Angiò in 1265, of Braccio da Montone and F. Sforza in the 1400s; subsequent to this the fortress was reinforced with defence towers. A semi cilindrical tower of the Fabbi family dating from the 14th century is what remains of the fort.


Castello di Roccanolfi (Fraz. Roccanolfi) This fortress, dating from the 13th century, was the property of the Arnolfi noblemen; it was divided into three quarters and surrounded by walls and moats. In the 14th century the Arnolfi conceded a larger degree of independence to the castle, and permitted the population to form their own community in subordination to Norcia. The castle has preserved its medieval appearance and is delimited by two towers at the extremity; the higher one is called “della Regina”. The houses of the village demonstrate their age with architraves from the 1400s and 1500s.