Castello di Colvenale (Location Colvenale) Ancient castle of the Mondaldeschi family, ceded along with the castle of Colpolina to the town of Camerino in 1216. Today remnants of the foundations and the houses built with the stone of the fortress remain.


Castello di Beldiletto (Location Pontelatrave) A residential castle (14th 15th century). The construction is credited to Berardo da Varano who in 1371 was holder to the Beldiletto property in Pontelatrave. The castle, built on a rectangular plan, is surrounded by a steep wall reinforced by four armed, corner escarpement towers, whose construction was begun in 1375; the portico of internal courtyard (completed prior to 1382) with an elegant sequence of ogive arches in bichromatic stone and carved arched lintels, double lashed pillars in the layer-roofed upper gallery, represents a pretigious example of late gothic architecture. In 1464 it was transformed into a fortified villa by Giulio Cesare Varano, who had sixty life-sized historical figures painted in two overlapping series, today almost indistinguishable for their degraded condition. Only the southwest sides of the 4th century courtyard remain.







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