The Board of Directors, who have not yet been nominated, is made up of the President and twelve directors, nominated by decree of the Minister of the Environment, on the council of the regions involved, and chosen from among those persons who are particularly qualified to carry out activities of nature conservation, or representatives of the Park Commitee, as per article 10, and according to the following procedures:

a) five, designated by the Park Commitee, with a limited vote;

b) two, designated by the associations of environmental protection identified as per article 13 of the Law of 8 July 1986, n. 349, chosen from experts in naturalistc–environmental matters.

c) two, designated by the National Accademy of the Lincei, by the Botanical Society of Italy, by the Italian Zoological Union, by the National Council of Research and the Universities located in the same province as the Park; if more than two persons are designated, the choice of directors falls to the Minister of the Environment;

d) one, designated by the Ministry of Agricolture and Forests; e) two, designated by the Ministry of the Environment.