The EXECUTIVE COUNCIL, nominated by the Board of Directors, shall be made up of the following persons:

a) the President;

b) the Vice- President;

c) three persons elected by the Board of Directors

Alle sedute della Giunta esecutiva partecipa senza diritto di voto il Direttore.

Alla Giunta esecutiva compete:

a) la formulazione con proprio atto delle proposte che intende sottoporre al Consiglio direttivo;

b) the deliberations of the Board of Directors

c) the responsibilty for all actions that fall outside the exclusive competency of the Board of Directors;

d) the performance of all functions that have been delegated by the Board of Directors; direttivo;

e) the responsiblity as urgency dictates, for variations in the budget that must undergo ratification during the first possible meeting of the Board of Directors.