Exploring the Park astride a mountain bike allows you to capture sights and sounds where a motor would drown out the birdsong and the babbling of the brooks and mask the smell of the hay, broom and helichrysum. It allows you to travel along roads and paths originally made for the peasants’ carts, the woodcutters’ mules, the shepherds' boots and the pilgrims' sandals.

The guide “to Pedalling through the Park” describes the paths in detail, shows the relevant maps and suggests 14 circular routes, each of which can be walked in a day, and the Great Ring by mountain bike, which can be comfortably completed in 4 or 5 days. The durations given in the guide, longer than strictly necessary to complete the routes, invite you to put away the stopwatch and synchronize your pedal cycles with those of the natural environment, which varies with each change of gear and of season. The challenge, therefore, is to tackle ascents and descents to test your physical aptitude and to improve your ability to explore fantastic worlds and hidden treasures with untiring enthusiasm.