The fortified town

Imposing fortifications, strong perimeter walls, a keep and a looming embattled tower. Arquata del Tronto, an ancient statio romana, is a typical example of 13th century Umbro-Marchigian Apennine architecture. This compact fortified town is set, austere and isolated, within fortified walls with entrance gates around the main buildings of the town including the church, the noble palace and the town square. Interesting fact: Arquata del Tronto is the only municipality in Europe that forms part of two National Parks: the Sibylline Mountain National Park to the north and the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga to the South. MORE DETAILES

TO VISIT In Borgo (meaning village/suburb), so named because it was the settlement below the castle, is the church of St Francis (1) and a small 13th century monastery (2) . Inside is the Extractum ab originali (copy) of the Turin Sacred Shroud (1645), a crucifix from 1400, an altar from 1600 and a painting from 1527 depicting a Madonna with Saints. On reaching the tiny village Camartina (3) ), you can proceed to the church of the Holy Saviour (4), rebuilt in 1931 on the site of the 13th Century original. Subsequently you will reach the gate of Sant’Agata (5) dwhere anciently the excise taxes were paid. The "Rocca" fortress (6) consists of strong walls, an imposing 24 metre-high keep and a multi-faceted tower with Guelph merlons. The views of Mount Vettore (7)are stunning. In the church of the Annunciation (8) you can admire a 13th century crucifix. Continuing towards the square, you will find the Town Hall (9) and the civic tower (10), containing a 15th century bell.

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