Borderland crossed by the early Italians

Pieve Torina is situated in the centre of a district in the foothills of the mountains amid the intense green of pastures, forests and farmland. This area has the ancient characteristics of a borderland, crossed by the early Italians who moved from the Umbrian valleys to the Adriatic plains, by the Nomadic shepherds, by the Etruscans and Romans were followed by Hannibal after the battle of Trasimeno, by the Lombards of Spoleto and by the Benedictine monks, by the Franciscans and by the pilgrims throughout history on their way to Loreto and Assisi. By the 13th century, the urban settlement had taken shape as a collection of small towns associated with the castles. Until 1587, it belonged to the Spoleto Diocese and was therefore linked to Camerino. It later joined the Kingdom of Italy along with the other municipalities of the area. MORE DETAILES

TO VISIT At the church of St John (1) you can admire the works of art in the Picture Gallery. Near the St Augustine Theatre (2) stands the old convent of St Augustine (3) , home of the Museo della Nostra Terra (museum of our land). Worthy of note is the church of St Mary of the Assumption (4) with narrow slit windows and a bell tower, and the old church of St Agatha (5) . A few kilometres from the municipal centre is the church of St Mary of Caspreano , il suggestivo centro abitato di Appennino , built in the form of a Greek cross, the pretty centre of Appennino, a small medieval town with an original circular structure, and the Romitorio dei Santi (Hermitage of the Saints) featuring a Lombard crypt.

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