Chiesa dei SS Vincenzo e Anastasio (Frazione Casali) An ancient Bendictine monastic cell of S. Eutizio from the Lombard period. It was consecrated by the Bishop of Spoleto in 1093, as indicated by a stone on the internal wall of the church. Some Romanesque architectural elements are still identifiable, notwithstanding various restorations over the years. The stone fašade, restored in 1929, has a lovely arched doorway with a notched arched lintel and a delicate double lancet window, whose column has a crutch-type capital. On the arch of the double lancet window is the coat of arms of the Abbey of S. Eutizio; the church came under its holdings in 1115. The external apse is smooth, with a single lancet window. The interior has a single trussed nave with two baroque wooden altars from the 1600s, one of which exhibits a 1638 painting on canvas by A. Righi. The apse has a double stone arch and a stone altar decorated with smaller arches in the Romanesque-Lombard style.


Chiesa di S. MariaAssunta (Frazione Pieve) An ancient parish church built in the 1300s in the gothic style, over an earlier place of worship, completed in 1389 and restored in 1915. It had jurisdiction over 22 area chapels and churches. The restored stone fašade has an ogive doorway, supported by two slender columns, a rose window at the center and two lateral cuspidate windows. The interior has a single nave, a baptismal font from 1390, frescoes by Paolo da Visso from 1470 and painting from the mevalese school (1456). Behind the high altar there is an interesting painted panel by the Angelucci of Mevale from 1584. The church also preserves: the excavations of calcareous stone of the 8th-9th century of Barbarian art, a Romanesque statue from the 12th century, a wooden statue of S. Sebastiano from the 1300s and several paintings on canvas from the 1600s and 1700s.


Chiesa di S. Stefano (Frazione Sorbo) The parish church of Sorbo is located outside of the town. It dates back to the 1200s, and notwithstanding its restoration in 1942 by Sen. Sili, it has maintained its original structure. It has a single nave, and a fresco from 1474 on the back wall could be attributed to a Paolo da Visso for stylistic reasons, although it is not in good condition. There is a baroque wooden altar from the 1600s placed in the center of the same wall.


Chiesa di S. Ercolano Near the church of S. Maria Immacolata stands the Romanesque church of S. Ercolano, dating back to the 13th century that was subordinate to the Abbey of S. Eutizio. The external structure has a stone doorway and a typical apse. The remains of 15th century frescos by Tommaso di Pietro, who was possibly assisted by P. Bontulli da Percanestro can be seen on the inside.


Chiesa di S. Sebastiano (Frazione Castelfantellino) A votive chapel erected in 1485 dedicated to S. Sebastiano and S. Rocco. Inside the church there is a wooden statue from the 1500s and a Caravaggesque painting on canvas from the 1600s; the artist is unknown.