The Sibylline Balcony

Known as the “Sibylline Balcony” because of its beautiful views of the peaks of the Sibylline Mountain National Park, San Ginesio is very popular thanks to the town’s attractive structure which is emphasized by the great circular wall (still intact) and grand, monumental architecture. Inside the town, the Teatro Storico, or “Historic Theatre”, is still operating: built in 1866, it bears witness to the community’s taste for social gatherings and cultural experiences. MORE DETAILES

TO VISIT From the Park of Remembrance (1) you can pass through the Picena Gate (2) to admire the castle walls. The Hospital of the Pilgrims (3) was built in the 12th century, near the town wall (4) , to offer refreshment and assistance to the pilgrims. Of particular interest are the Medieval Lodge (5) , the Cloister of the Benedictine monastery (6) and the Auditorium of St Augustine (7). Having visited the Municipal Art Gallery(8) , you reach Alberico Gentili square (9) which houses the Collegiata Church(10) , the only church in the Marche region of Italy built in flamboyant Gothic style, and the Municipal Theatre (11) built in 1873. Along it walls them are the ancient gates of access to the village: Alvaneto gate (12) and Ascarana gate (14) . Near the latter stands the Clarisse Monastery complex (13) complex and the Church of St Claire (15) . The church of St Francis (17) , containing frescoes and a 15th century wooden crucifix, is near the Town Hall (16) Not far from the noble house of the famous Italian jurist Alberico Gentili (18) , you can visit the church of St Gregory (19) .

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